Family Grieves for Child Who Died as a Result of E. Coli Infection

The family of Myles Mayfield was devastated to learn that is death was connected to an E. coli outbreak that took place at the very place they thought he would be safest, his daycare facility. Myles was only two years old at the time of his death.


Word has now gotten out that his family made the decision to file a wrongful death lawsuit naming the Learning Vine daycare as the defendant. Although Myles was the only child who passed away from complications caused from the E. Coli, he wasn’t the only child who contacted the bacteria. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control  reports that between May and June, fourteen of the children who were being cared for by the Learning Vine developed the E. Coli infection.

In order to make the environment safe for children, the popular day care center closed down for several days in order to complete a thorough sanitizing cleansing process. It’s doors opened again on June 15.

4835613_1433510893.0813_funddescriptionIn the lawsuit filed by Myle’s parents, they claim that one of the Learning Vine’s teacher’s first showed signs of E. Coli earlier in May but that the Learning Vine’s administration failed to do anything to make sure that the infection didn’t spread from the teacher to the young children she cared for. His parents also state that they were never told about the teacher’s illness.

“While I’m sure no one at The Learning Vine wanted this to happen, it happened because this daycare didn’t follow the rules,” said the attorney, Eric Hageman, who is handling the case for the plaintiff. “Parents have a right to expect that daycare facilities to which they entrust their children will follow basic safety and hygiene regulations in place to protect them. Here, that didn’t happen and this family is entitled to know why.”

The first time the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control states that they were told about an E. Coli problem that was connected to the day care was on May 18 and by that time, the person who was supposed to be infected didn’t show any signs of the infection. While the person who contacted the DHEC did state that a few others at the facility were sick at about the same time, it seemed that the illness had run it’s course. The DHEC reported thar they couldn’t find any similar matches to the E. Coli when they looked through the South Carolina database.

What sent up a big red flag that caught the DHEC’s attention was a report of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) that a Learning Vine student had contracted. That report was enough to warrant having the Department of Social Services inspect the daycare. When they left, more than 100 citations had been issued against the Learning Vine, mostly minor The inspectors were concerned about the fact that they saw food being stored near the same place that diapers were changed.


“This is truly a tragic case. My heart breaks for the family of young Myles,” said Attorney Joseph Sandefur of South Carolina’s top personal injury firm, Joe and Martin. “My hope is the wrongful death lawsuit they’ve filed inspires other daycares to provide safer, more sanitary condition for their young charges.”

If someone you loved suffered a wrongful death, contact an attorney and book a consultation appointment.




Myrtle Beach Church Provides a Safe Haven from Violence

The administrator at the Myrtle Beach Community Church are painfully aware of how scary and violent South Florida feels these days, which is why they want everyone in the local community (as well as anyone who is only visiting) to know that the church represents a safe place. In an effort to communicate this desire, in the wake of the tragedy that rocked Orlando, Florida, and the rest of the country, they’ve opened their doors to the Myrtle Beach community.

348sThe Myrtle Beach Community Church has the distinction of being the oldest church in the area. It’s also the one that has been preaching about love and respect the longest. Right now, when visitors step into the church, they come face to face with walls that are covered in pictures meant to show love and support for Orlando in this tragic time.

Not only is Herb Sosa an active member of the Myrtle Beach Community Church, he’s also someone who lost people during the horrific nightclub massacre. He found that sitting in the church and listening to the names of the victims and hearing sermons was exactly what his battered emotions needed and he’s sure others will discover the same thing.

“It’s impacted my community, my Latino community, my LGBT community and really just all of us,” said Sosa. Church leader, Pastor Harold Thompson, has been a driving force when it comes to creating new and respectful ways for the Myrtle Beach community to honor those who lost everything in Orlando. His efforts include helping the Myrtle Beach Police Department, set up a space where anyone who know no longer wants their guns can freely surrender them.

Thompson explained his actions to work with the local police department and encourage people to relinquish their arms. “This is not a second amendment issue. This is a faith issue about how we live in a peaceful world. Rhetoric about owning guns and assault rifles that might sound great politically, but it moves us further away from the teachings of Jesus Christ.”


Individuals who have come to the church with the hope that they’ll find peace, have been encourage to light candles, hold hands, and to pray together. The community continues to rally in support of those suffering from domestic violence.

Attorneys Joe and Martin managing partners of Joe and Martin Firm with an office headquartered in Myrtle Beach, applauds the church’s efforts. “As a personal injury lawyer with many clients from Myrtle Beach, I’m constantly reminded about how violent the world can be. It’s nice to know there are still some places in the world where people can go to escape the violence.”

If you were injured in a shooting or someone you loved died a wrongful death as the result of a violent attack, it’s likely that you’re entitled to a settlement. The best way to learn exactly what your legal options are is contacting a reputable personal injury lawyer and taking advantage of their free consultation.

For more information about this topic and many similar ones, please contact your lawyer, he can explain what you can do in any given situation and what are your option regarding that situation.

Probable Street Racing Incident Ends in Tragedy



What should have been a fun night out ended in tragedy when an Acura crashed. The accident occurred on Sandmeyer Lane a road that serves as an offshoot of Red Lion Road. It’s also a road that has attracted speed crazed drivers from all sections of the state in an attempt to find likeminded drivers to race. The skid mark emblazoned asphalt serves as a permanent memory of previous street races.

California drivers who participate in these illegal races do so because they love the competition and the adrenaline rush they experience as they race one another. Few realize how quickly these events can turn deadly.

In July, 2015, a black Acura bearing 5 passengers raced down the road. Authorities report that the car was traveling at speeds of 75 m.p.h. when the driver lost control while navigating a sharp turn in the road and struck a tree. The Acura was sliced in half. The driver and one passenger were injured, the remaining three passengers died as a result of their injuries.

Although he wouldn’t formally label the incident as an illegal street race, Accident Investigation Division representative, Capt. John Wilczynski, admitted that witnesses reported a second car that wasn’t identified was traveling in close proximity and at a high rate of speed with the Acura in the moments leading up to the crash.

The three passengers who didn’t survive the accident were reported dead at the scene of the accident. Two were 17-year-old girls who were thrown from the car when it struck the tree. The third, a 20-year-old man was trapped in the back seat.


The fourth passenger was a 17-year-old male who the emergency response team found on the road. His injuries included severe pelvic injuries, severe head injuries, and severe femur injuries. The twenty-year-old driver was rushed to Einstein Medical Center to have his own severe injuries treated. Wilczynski reported that the driver had been cooperative when questioned by the police.

Two individuals who spend a great deal of time on or around Sandmeyer Lane report that teenagers and young adults seem to think that they’re in the middle of their own Fast and Furious production whenever they’re on the road and are constantly speeding by at unreasonable and highly unsafe speeds.

This isn’t the first fatality in the area. In 2013, a women and her children were killed while on Roosevelt Boulevard by a driver who was a willing participant in a street race.

Following that fatal accident, the State Senator proposed a bill that encouraged the use of speed enforcement cameras to monitor traffic and quickly identify speeding and drag racing drivers. Although it was a good idea, the bill failed.

car-accident-insurance-claimsDrew Warren, managing partner of a top personal injury firm in California, feels that until legal actions are taken, Sandmeyer Lane and the surrounding areas will continue to attract speeding drivers behave recklessly. “This terrible accident is a perfect example of how reckless many drivers are today. If legal actions aren’t taken, more lives will continue to be lost in such a pointless fashion. If the lawmakers and legislators are unable or unwilling to pass laws that would discourage such behavior, it’s up to the lawyers and the loved ones of those killed in reckless driving accidents to pursue the matter in civil court.”

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in California, car accident attorney can help. Seek legal counsel to find out if you might be eligible for compensation.








Transvaginal Mesh Medical Device Gains FDA’s High Risk Classification

At first glance, transvaginal mesh treatments appear to be a really good idea. They’re designed to help women who suffer from serious medical conditions such as pelvic prolapses, bladder prolapse, and stress incontinence resume normal lives. When a doctor and their patient agree that transvaginal mesh is a good health option, the surgical mesh is surgically implanted.

The problem that thousands of women all over the United States have discovered is that not only does the transvaginal mesh not always work the way it’s supposed to, but it can also lead some severe health problems which can include:
• Severe pelvic and/or vaginal pain
• Inability to have intercourse
• Organ perforation
• Vaginal shrinkage
• Infection
• Bleeding
• Neuro-muscular problems
The severity of the side effects, as well as the fact that most women feel that the manufactures didn’t provide enough warning about the potential side effects, has prompted the filing of thousands of transvaginal mesh lawsuits throughout the country, including one that ended when a Texas jury ordered, Johnson and Johnson, one of the companies responsible for manufacturing transvaginal mesh to pay a $1.2 million lawsuit to one woman who put her faith in the device.
shutterstock_93505333-1-260x174In this particular case, the transvaginal mesh started to erode after it was in place, leading to a wide variety of serious medical side effects. After hearing the details of her case, the Texas jury agreed and Johnson and Johnson was ordered to pay the settlement.
Another transvaginal mesh was filed against another of the manufacturing companies responsible for creating the mesh, Boston Scientific. That particular lawsuit focuses on the manufactures ethics and business practices, accusing them of using “counterfeit materials from China” and that as a result of the low quality materials, the mesh doesn’t work as well as it should. If a jury agrees with the accusations brought forth in this class action lawsuit, Boston Scientific might not just have to pay a substantial settlement, they could also find themselves dealing with criminal charges.
Boston Scientific, which has been named in approximately 30,000 different lawsuits, has been quick to dispute the negative accusation, stating that “Patient safety is of the utmost importance, and we dedicate significant resources to deliver safe, high-quality products. We don’t believe the case has merit and intend to vigorously defend these claims.”
Courts report that there are approximately 70,000 women in the United States with a transvaginal mesh, many of these have very valid grounds to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and use the settlement to help restore their life after it has been ripped apart by unexpected side effects. The fact that the FDA has issued the companies responsible for manufacturing the mesh devices with several warnings and reclassified the transvaginal mesh as a high risk device indicates that it won’t be long before a fresh wave of lawsuits reaches civil courts throughout the United States.

If you suspect that your transvaginal mesh as created some harmful  drug side effects, you need to contact a law firm right away and discuss your legal options. The longer you delay, the greater the odds that the statute of limitations, which is quite short in some states, will expire.

Back Taxes Could Cost You Your Passport

Way back in 2012, the Government Accountability Office reported that the IRS was toying with the idea of using passports to ensure people paid their delinquent back taxes. Now that idea, which many felt was silly, has become a reality. The five year infrastructure bill Obama recently signed includes a section titled “Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Certain Tax Delinquencies.

Despite the controversial nature of the new law, it managed to get passed, along with a bill to increase funding for highways. If you only owe a few hundred in back taxes, you don’t have anything to worry about. The way the new law has been written only allows the State Department to deny a passport application or passport renewal application if the outstanding back tax bill exceeds $50,000.

This will be a huge problem for anyone who does a great deal of international travel, especially if the travel is a direct result of their professional life. And there’s another problem. Starting in 2016, some people may be required to have their passports on them if they’re going to be traveling domestically.

States that could require passports even for domestic states, include:

  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • Louisiana

New York was another state that considered requiring passports, but has signed a waiver so that for the moment, a driver’s license will be enough for you to board a domestic flight.

The reason some states may require a passport for domestic flights stems from the Real ID Act.

It’s likely that most people think they have nothing to worry about. After all, even if they owe back taxes and don’t realize it, there’s no way the amount they owe could come close to $50,000. The problem is that the $50,000 figure includes fees, penalties, and interest all of which add up quickly, so you could end up owing a great deal more than you realize.

The truth of the matter is that a back tax bill of more than $50,000 is more common than some people might realize. The amount of back taxes owed, combined with the fact that the IRS has filed a notice of lien is all it takes for the IRS to make arrangements to have your passport revoked. If you’ve received a Notice and Demand for Payment, you’re expected to resolve the matter and pay the amount, in full, in 10 days or less.

A passport really isn’t something you shouldn’t be without, so if you’ve discovered that you owe the IRS $50,000 or more, the best thing you can do is to contact a tax attorney and explain your situation. The tax attorney will do everything in their power to help you resolve the matter in a timely fashion. With a good tax attorney on your side and handling the communication between you and the IRS, there’s every reason to believe that the tax attorney will help you keep your passport, work out a payment plan, and possibly even get the fees and interest attached to your back taxes removed, drastically reducing the amount you owe.

New York Homeowners Victimized by Deed Thieves

Ozella Campbell is the latest victim of deed theft, a troubling new trend in the United States where sly con artists prey on the most innocent. Campbell was watching TV and saw a commercial offering to pay cash for her house and close within seven days. Curious, she called the toll free number and a short time later a company representative knocked on her door.

Campbell, who is partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, had fallen behind on her bills. She was intrigued when the representative offered to pay her outstanding bills, including her mortgage, cover her housing expenses for 2 full years, and purchase her house for $43,800. He also promised to arrange for a lawyer to help Campbell with the paperwork. A year has passed since that fateful day, and Campbell has learned that the entire setup was a scam. Now, she no longer has a home and her bank is coming after her for an outstanding $529,000 mortgage.

Her family has investigated the matter and learned that her old house is currently owned by Jefferson Holding LLC but they’re unable to locate any additional information about the company, including a valid address.

Sadly, Campbell’s case isn’t isolated. Each day, there are new reports involving people who are down on their luck who have been victimized by a shell company. The shell companies gain ownership of properties by using dishonest techniques. Once the paperwork has been completed, the shell company sells or rents the property, leaving the former owner in the cold. Many of these victims have found it difficult to even prove that the shell company has even committed a crime.

Jennifer Sinton is a lawyer who wants to see the practice of deed theft obliterated, which is why she took Campbell’s case. According to Sinton, “Sham LLCs are a huge problem in terms of their lack of transparency, in terms of who is behind the property and who is behind these schemes.”

The New York Times has taken an interest in deed thefts and has reported several different cases in an attempt to urge officials to investigate the cases. New York City’s Department of Finance reports that it is currently working on 120 separate cases of deed theft, but that they’re having a difficult time making much progress.

For the moment, it’s up to home owners to protect themselves against deed theft. Owners of properties that have been abandoned or that are in need of repair are the most likely to be targeted, and the shell companies tend to target owners who are disabled, like Ms. Campbell. Anyone who is in this situation and is approached by someone offering them a deal that seems to be too good to be true, needs to be cautious. These companies will stop at nothing and there have also been cases where the shell company forged signatures on a deed.

Mortgage fraud is a huge problem in the United States. The FBI reported that in 2008, they investigated more than 63,000 total incidents and that the number increases every single year.

The best way to make sure you aren’t a victim of mortgage fraud is to contact reputable New York real estate lawyers if someone approaches you about selling your home. Don’t use any lawyer they offer you. In this case you need your own New York real estate lawyers who are only interested in serving your best interest.

Having a good team of New York real estate lawyers look over an offer that has been made on your home will save you a great deal of aggravation and financial hardship.