Family Grieves for Child Who Died as a Result of E. Coli Infection

The family of Myles Mayfield was devastated to learn that is death was connected to an E. coli outbreak that took place at the very place they thought he would be safest, his daycare facility. Myles was only two years old at the time of his death.


Word has now gotten out that his family made the decision to file a wrongful death lawsuit naming the Learning Vine daycare as the defendant. Although Myles was the only child who passed away from complications caused from the E. Coli, he wasn’t the only child who contacted the bacteria. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control  reports that between May and June, fourteen of the children who were being cared for by the Learning Vine developed the E. Coli infection.

In order to make the environment safe for children, the popular day care center closed down for several days in order to complete a thorough sanitizing cleansing process. It’s doors opened again on June 15.

4835613_1433510893.0813_funddescriptionIn the lawsuit filed by Myle’s parents, they claim that one of the Learning Vine’s teacher’s first showed signs of E. Coli earlier in May but that the Learning Vine’s administration failed to do anything to make sure that the infection didn’t spread from the teacher to the young children she cared for. His parents also state that they were never told about the teacher’s illness.

“While I’m sure no one at The Learning Vine wanted this to happen, it happened because this daycare didn’t follow the rules,” said the attorney, Eric Hageman, who is handling the case for the plaintiff. “Parents have a right to expect that daycare facilities to which they entrust their children will follow basic safety and hygiene regulations in place to protect them. Here, that didn’t happen and this family is entitled to know why.”

The first time the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control states that they were told about an E. Coli problem that was connected to the day care was on May 18 and by that time, the person who was supposed to be infected didn’t show any signs of the infection. While the person who contacted the DHEC did state that a few others at the facility were sick at about the same time, it seemed that the illness had run it’s course. The DHEC reported thar they couldn’t find any similar matches to the E. Coli when they looked through the South Carolina database.

What sent up a big red flag that caught the DHEC’s attention was a report of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) that a Learning Vine student had contracted. That report was enough to warrant having the Department of Social Services inspect the daycare. When they left, more than 100 citations had been issued against the Learning Vine, mostly minor The inspectors were concerned about the fact that they saw food being stored near the same place that diapers were changed.


“This is truly a tragic case. My heart breaks for the family of young Myles,” said Attorney Joseph Sandefur of South Carolina’s top personal injury firm, Joe and Martin. “My hope is the wrongful death lawsuit they’ve filed inspires other daycares to provide safer, more sanitary condition for their young charges.”

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Myrtle Beach Church Provides a Safe Haven from Violence

The administrator at the Myrtle Beach Community Church are painfully aware of how scary and violent South Florida feels these days, which is why they want everyone in the local community (as well as anyone who is only visiting) to know that the church represents a safe place. In an effort to communicate this desire, in the wake of the tragedy that rocked Orlando, Florida, and the rest of the country, they’ve opened their doors to the Myrtle Beach community.

348sThe Myrtle Beach Community Church has the distinction of being the oldest church in the area. It’s also the one that has been preaching about love and respect the longest. Right now, when visitors step into the church, they come face to face with walls that are covered in pictures meant to show love and support for Orlando in this tragic time.

Not only is Herb Sosa an active member of the Myrtle Beach Community Church, he’s also someone who lost people during the horrific nightclub massacre. He found that sitting in the church and listening to the names of the victims and hearing sermons was exactly what his battered emotions needed and he’s sure others will discover the same thing.

“It’s impacted my community, my Latino community, my LGBT community and really just all of us,” said Sosa. Church leader, Pastor Harold Thompson, has been a driving force when it comes to creating new and respectful ways for the Myrtle Beach community to honor those who lost everything in Orlando. His efforts include helping the Myrtle Beach Police Department, set up a space where anyone who know no longer wants their guns can freely surrender them.

Thompson explained his actions to work with the local police department and encourage people to relinquish their arms. “This is not a second amendment issue. This is a faith issue about how we live in a peaceful world. Rhetoric about owning guns and assault rifles that might sound great politically, but it moves us further away from the teachings of Jesus Christ.”


Individuals who have come to the church with the hope that they’ll find peace, have been encourage to light candles, hold hands, and to pray together. The community continues to rally in support of those suffering from domestic violence.

Attorneys Joe and Martin managing partners of Joe and Martin Firm with an office headquartered in Myrtle Beach, applauds the church’s efforts. “As a personal injury lawyer with many clients from Myrtle Beach, I’m constantly reminded about how violent the world can be. It’s nice to know there are still some places in the world where people can go to escape the violence.”

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