Myrtle Beach Church Provides a Safe Haven from Violence

The administrator at the Myrtle Beach Community Church are painfully aware of how scary and violent South Florida feels these days, which is why they want everyone in the local community (as well as anyone who is only visiting) to know that the church represents a safe place. In an effort to communicate this desire, in the wake of the tragedy that rocked Orlando, Florida, and the rest of the country, they’ve opened their doors to the Myrtle Beach community.

348sThe Myrtle Beach Community Church has the distinction of being the oldest church in the area. It’s also the one that has been preaching about love and respect the longest. Right now, when visitors step into the church, they come face to face with walls that are covered in pictures meant to show love and support for Orlando in this tragic time.

Not only is Herb Sosa an active member of the Myrtle Beach Community Church, he’s also someone who lost people during the horrific nightclub massacre. He found that sitting in the church and listening to the names of the victims and hearing sermons was exactly what his battered emotions needed and he’s sure others will discover the same thing.

“It’s impacted my community, my Latino community, my LGBT community and really just all of us,” said Sosa. Church leader, Pastor Harold Thompson, has been a driving force when it comes to creating new and respectful ways for the Myrtle Beach community to honor those who lost everything in Orlando. His efforts include helping the Myrtle Beach Police Department, set up a space where anyone who know no longer wants their guns can freely surrender them.

Thompson explained his actions to work with the local police department and encourage people to relinquish their arms. “This is not a second amendment issue. This is a faith issue about how we live in a peaceful world. Rhetoric about owning guns and assault rifles that might sound great politically, but it moves us further away from the teachings of Jesus Christ.”


Individuals who have come to the church with the hope that they’ll find peace, have been encourage to light candles, hold hands, and to pray together. The community continues to rally in support of those suffering from domestic violence.

Attorneys Joe and Martin managing partners of Joe and Martin Firm with an office headquartered in Myrtle Beach, applauds the church’s efforts. “As a personal injury lawyer with many clients from Myrtle Beach, I’m constantly reminded about how violent the world can be. It’s nice to know there are still some places in the world where people can go to escape the violence.”

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Probable Street Racing Incident Ends in Tragedy



What should have been a fun night out ended in tragedy when an Acura crashed. The accident occurred on Sandmeyer Lane a road that serves as an offshoot of Red Lion Road. It’s also a road that has attracted speed crazed drivers from all sections of the state in an attempt to find likeminded drivers to race. The skid mark emblazoned asphalt serves as a permanent memory of previous street races.

California drivers who participate in these illegal races do so because they love the competition and the adrenaline rush they experience as they race one another. Few realize how quickly these events can turn deadly.

In July, 2015, a black Acura bearing 5 passengers raced down the road. Authorities report that the car was traveling at speeds of 75 m.p.h. when the driver lost control while navigating a sharp turn in the road and struck a tree. The Acura was sliced in half. The driver and one passenger were injured, the remaining three passengers died as a result of their injuries.

Although he wouldn’t formally label the incident as an illegal street race, Accident Investigation Division representative, Capt. John Wilczynski, admitted that witnesses reported a second car that wasn’t identified was traveling in close proximity and at a high rate of speed with the Acura in the moments leading up to the crash.

The three passengers who didn’t survive the accident were reported dead at the scene of the accident. Two were 17-year-old girls who were thrown from the car when it struck the tree. The third, a 20-year-old man was trapped in the back seat.


The fourth passenger was a 17-year-old male who the emergency response team found on the road. His injuries included severe pelvic injuries, severe head injuries, and severe femur injuries. The twenty-year-old driver was rushed to Einstein Medical Center to have his own severe injuries treated. Wilczynski reported that the driver had been cooperative when questioned by the police.

Two individuals who spend a great deal of time on or around Sandmeyer Lane report that teenagers and young adults seem to think that they’re in the middle of their own Fast and Furious production whenever they’re on the road and are constantly speeding by at unreasonable and highly unsafe speeds.

This isn’t the first fatality in the area. In 2013, a women and her children were killed while on Roosevelt Boulevard by a driver who was a willing participant in a street race.

Following that fatal accident, the State Senator proposed a bill that encouraged the use of speed enforcement cameras to monitor traffic and quickly identify speeding and drag racing drivers. Although it was a good idea, the bill failed.

car-accident-insurance-claimsDrew Warren, managing partner of a top personal injury firm in California, feels that until legal actions are taken, Sandmeyer Lane and the surrounding areas will continue to attract speeding drivers behave recklessly. “This terrible accident is a perfect example of how reckless many drivers are today. If legal actions aren’t taken, more lives will continue to be lost in such a pointless fashion. If the lawmakers and legislators are unable or unwilling to pass laws that would discourage such behavior, it’s up to the lawyers and the loved ones of those killed in reckless driving accidents to pursue the matter in civil court.”

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Back Taxes Could Cost You Your Passport

Way back in 2012, the Government Accountability Office reported that the IRS was toying with the idea of using passports to ensure people paid their delinquent back taxes. Now that idea, which many felt was silly, has become a reality. The five year infrastructure bill Obama recently signed includes a section titled “Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Certain Tax Delinquencies.

Despite the controversial nature of the new law, it managed to get passed, along with a bill to increase funding for highways. If you only owe a few hundred in back taxes, you don’t have anything to worry about. The way the new law has been written only allows the State Department to deny a passport application or passport renewal application if the outstanding back tax bill exceeds $50,000.

This will be a huge problem for anyone who does a great deal of international travel, especially if the travel is a direct result of their professional life. And there’s another problem. Starting in 2016, some people may be required to have their passports on them if they’re going to be traveling domestically.

States that could require passports even for domestic states, include:

  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • Louisiana

New York was another state that considered requiring passports, but has signed a waiver so that for the moment, a driver’s license will be enough for you to board a domestic flight.

The reason some states may require a passport for domestic flights stems from the Real ID Act.

It’s likely that most people think they have nothing to worry about. After all, even if they owe back taxes and don’t realize it, there’s no way the amount they owe could come close to $50,000. The problem is that the $50,000 figure includes fees, penalties, and interest all of which add up quickly, so you could end up owing a great deal more than you realize.

The truth of the matter is that a back tax bill of more than $50,000 is more common than some people might realize. The amount of back taxes owed, combined with the fact that the IRS has filed a notice of lien is all it takes for the IRS to make arrangements to have your passport revoked. If you’ve received a Notice and Demand for Payment, you’re expected to resolve the matter and pay the amount, in full, in 10 days or less.

A passport really isn’t something you shouldn’t be without, so if you’ve discovered that you owe the IRS $50,000 or more, the best thing you can do is to contact a tax attorney and explain your situation. The tax attorney will do everything in their power to help you resolve the matter in a timely fashion. With a good tax attorney on your side and handling the communication between you and the IRS, there’s every reason to believe that the tax attorney will help you keep your passport, work out a payment plan, and possibly even get the fees and interest attached to your back taxes removed, drastically reducing the amount you owe.